The Trail to Oregon!

“The Trail to Oregon!” is based off the ‘90’s video game “The Oregon Trail”, following an All-American family of 5 (two parents, two children and the grandpa) as they make their way from Missouri to Oregon in 1848. During their journey, they encounter the prospect of starvation, bandits and dysentery. This musical features audience participation allowing the audience to feel connected to the characters, after naming them at the beginning of the show and then choosing the plays ending. Packed full of improvisation, this fun musical is the perfect way to finish off your day at the Fringe.

The Trail to Oregon! is presented through special arrangement with Jeff Blim and Team Starkid:

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Georgia Harper – Mother
Gem Tunley – Daughter
Bella Norris – Son
Josh Vaatstra – Father
John Wilders – Grandpa / Cletus Jones
James Adams – McDoon / Everyone Else

Production Team

Phoebe Alicia Armstrong – Director
Ben McQuigg – Musical Director
Ollie Johnson – Assistant Director
Gaby Puleston Vaudrey – Producer
Abbie Roach – Producer
Victoria Howard Andrews – Assistant Producer
Ben Willcocks – Supervising Producer


Keys/Conductor – Ben McQuigg
Guitar 1 – Charlie English
Additional Guitars – James Adams, John Wilders, Josh Vaatstra and Gem Tunley

Show Dates

13th – 25th August (not 19th)
22:10 (1hr 15mins)
£8.50 // £10.00
theSpace on North Bridge (36)


28th July @ 20:00 [SOLD OUT]
29th July @ 17:00 (1hr 15mins)
£8.00 // £10.00 // £15.00
The Other Palace Studio