Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Gone Rogue is returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 with a plethora of theatrical pursuits brought to you from our home, the University of Southampton.



A quintessential In-Yer-Face play, Ridley’s modern classic sees Presley and Haley as orphaned and perpetually infantilised 28 year-olds, unable to leave their East London flat for ten years following their parents’ death. Existing on chocolate, barbiturates and stories they tell one another to escape the anxieties of ordinary life, their stories conjure Cosmo Disney, a perfect boy in a red jacket made of sweet wrappers, who promises Presley an escape and a new life. Cosmo is joined by his partner Pitchfork Cavalier to perform a show for the twins. What happens when you can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality?



Home from university for the holidays, Sam and Alice have met to fulfil the promise they made, aged 10, to spend one whole, glorious day as their superhero alter egos. But while Captain Hero-Man and The Mighty Hedgehog have changed little, Sam and Alice’s friendship appears to have lost its childhood innocence. The intervening years have brought grief and secrets. The masks they have been hiding behind are slipping and their treasured certainties are being exposed and threatened… This new, bittersweet play explores the challenges many friendships must someday face with dry wit and brittle honesty.




‘Hysterical… Terrifyingly brilliant commitment to everything’ (TheEdgeSUSU.co.uk as part of Southampton Comedy Society). Normal Boy are delighted to bring you a perfectly regular hour of sketch comedy! See some normal boys’ absolutely ordinary take on everything: missing brioche, R’n’B, why Mum won’t write to us anymore. So why not come see a bunch of positively routine boys (and girl) desperately throw everything they have on stage, hoping Dad will play one last game of catch with them? ‘Turned in performances of genuinely affecting emotion and pathos even in the most ludicrous premises’ (TheEdgeSUSU.co.uk).



*stay tuned for more information*