Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Gone Rogue is back for the Edinburgh Fringe 2018. We’ve got a selection of three different shows, so whatever you are into, we’ve got you covered.


The Trail to Oregon!

“The Trail to Oregon!” follows a dysfunctional family of five as they make their way from Missouri to Oregon in 1848. During their journey, they encounter the prospect of starvation, bandits and dysentery. Packed full of improvisation and audience participation, a perfect way to finish your day at the Fringe

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The Time Machine

An original adaptation of the classic novel by Kaustubh Sameer taking the fundamentals of H.G. Wells’ genre-defining story and merging them with the grieving of human tragedy in a performance incorporating physical theatre, puppetry, and immersive storytelling.

We have a website packed full of special features and more information about The Time Machine.

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Beard of Zeus

Our critically acclaimed improv troupe is once again walking the boards in Edinburgh. Last year BroadwayBaby said “they manage to distinguish themselves on sheer talent” and that same talent will be knocking on your funny bone again.

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