The Craft of the Cooper


Gone Rogue present the debut musical from Olly Lewis and Alec Sleigh. Set during the Memphis Sanitation Worker’s Strike of 1968, the Cooper family each face their own struggles in dealing with extreme poverty and the imminent demise of their dear father. Through the power of music, a story of reunion, retribution and revolution emerges. Take the hidden talent of a boy like ‘Billy Elliot’ and the social struggle of his family, and combine that with the emotional intensity and revelations of ‘Blood Brothers’. This is The Craft of the Cooper.


Cerys Beesley – Ella
Jon Birkbeck – Archibald
Emma Bryant – Bettie
Paddy Cahill – CJ
Charissa Foster – Sonny
Daniel N’Guessan-Lopez – Hank
Rob McGough – Multi-roled Ensemble
Daniel Roberts – Multi-roled Ensemble
Jon Sandman – Charles
Josephine Ssemuyaba – Mamma Mae


Co-Director – Aimee Batchelor
Co-Director – Dan Wills
Musical Director/Composer – Olly Lewis
Producer – Alice Chappell
Producer – Aimee Batchelor
Assistant Producer – Daniella Gambier
Assistant Producer – Thomas Joy
Assistant Producer – Robin Johnson
Writer – Alec Sleigh