We're excited to reveal our programme for this year's Edinburgh Fringe - it's bigger than ever.

Gone Rogue Productions
The University of Southampton has


Gone Rogue Productions is the touring name of the theatrical performing arts from the University of Southampton. We’ve been going to the Edinburgh Fringe since 2011, and many years before that under other names. This year we’re back, with five new shows that we’re incredibly excited about.


Ordinary Days follows the stories of four New Yorkers whose parallel lives converge as they search for purpose, love, and taxi cabs. Funny and poignant in equal measure, this critically-acclaimed musical celebrates the beauty of the ordinary.

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In ‘A Number’ Caryl Churchill explores the consequences and pitfalls of artificial human cloning in this two-man drama. ‘A Number’ tackles scientific ethics, the relationship between a father and son, and the importance of a role model in a child’s upbringing.

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This dark comedy by Kieron Barry focuses on four teenage girls an hour before head girl is announced. The girls talk about their plans for the future after sixth form, and tensions turn nasty as they realise that things might not have worked out the way they planned.

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The nicest improv show this side of Toronto. It’s so nice your grandmother sends us money every Christmas. And guess what? We always send back a thank you note and donate the whole thing to charity. It’s so nice that we don’t even pay scriptwriters to write our shows. Why? Because it’s an improv show, ya schmuck. Come to our show, it’s all I have left after my ex-wife took custody of our kids.

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Southampton Spotlights are up in arms against the current state of affairs and invite you to join them for a lunchtime foray into sketches, schisms and the end of all things sacred, tumbling downwards towards the start of something far less palatable.

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