Good Grief

Good Grief

Good Grief¬†opens at the funeral of Richard Miller, estranged father to Charlotte, Fred, and Tilly. The audience witnesses the hectic funeral and the even more farcically chaotic wake, as the three siblings struggle to deal with their own personal dramas on top coming to terms with their father’s death.

This show is about a lot of things. It’s about a doomed relationship between a neurotic control freak and a self-absorbed rich kid. It’s about what happens when you accidentally invite a sex-deprived, middle aged French teacher to the wake of your father’s funeral. It’s about the effects of consuming large quantities of alcohol, and mixing it with Amsterdam’s finest green herb. It’s about the downfall of a feminist, vegan, environmentalist, activist lesbian who eats meat, fantasises over Robert Pattinson, and whose knowledge of political activism doesn’t stretch much further beyond quoting Ghandi and Princess Diana. It’s about what happens when your girlfriend’s sister catches you using her laptop to masturbate over “Sexy4U Selhurst Slut” at the wake of her father’s funeral.

It’s about the relationship between three siblings who lost their dad long before he died. It’s about their confusion over how to grieve someone who they barely even got to know. It’s about their fear of the future, and of the past. And it’s about their rediscovery of what it means to be a brother or a sister.

It’s about finding openings, rather than closure. It’s about asking questions, rather than getting answers. It’s about accepting being lost, rather than trying to be found.

We also threw in a dance with whips and leather.

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Peter “Peewee” Ward

Freddie Miller

Sophie Owen

Charlotte Miller

Jenny Deacon

Tilly Miller

Alex “Teddy” Clements

Phil Reynolds

Sarah Moir

Sam Hart

Ashleigh Moore

Miranda Robinson

Production Team

Chris Duncan

Director / Producer

Megan Gibson


Stephanie Amies

Musical Director

Lizzie Bielicki

Assistant Musical Director / Producer

Sarah Elliot


Lucy Hughes


Jenni McDowall


Theresa Crisham

Assistant Producer / Technical Director