Strawberries in January



By Évelyne de la Chenelière, translated by Rona Munro
Strawberries in January is sharp romantic comedy following four twenty-somethings trying to find their way in life and love. When François meets professor Robert while working in the coffee shop, he decides to set him up with ex-girlfriend Sophie. Meanwhile, Lea is back in town, determined to find her childhood pen-pal – but ends up finding a few more familiar faces than she expected. Heart-warming and with an intelligent comic voice, Strawberries unfolds the characters’ memories to tell their stories, and provides a touching look into their lives for audiences young and old.


Will Hankey – François
Caitlin Hobbs – Sophie
Liam Dyer – Robert
Joanna Mills – Lea


Ruthie Pinion – Director
Oliver Bray – Producer
Joe Buckingham – Assistant Director/Assistant Producer
Catherine Hyde – Assistant Producer
Caitlin Hobbs – Assistant Producer
Kimberly Pearson – Assistant Producer
Eleanor Joyce – Assistant Producer