Will Sales

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Aspiring musician since 8 years old. Primarily play acoustic/electric guitar and bass, with vocals and mandolin thrown in to the mix later on. I have the intention of later learning piano.

Throughout my time at Southampton University I have been an active member of the Live Music Society and in 2015/16 became the Jams + Open Mics Manager alongside Sam Garnett and in 2016/17 became the President of the society.

Prior to uni I had been in a few bands, performed at festivals and even managed to play live on a local radio station. I met a good friend of mine through LiveSoc and we made a little group called "Blackbirds", inspired by his love for Alter Bridge. Whilst not exactly a serious music group like I was hoping to find, it was exactly what I needed to enjoy my time at university. Having now graduated I will continue with my songwriting and production (which I did as a hobby alongside my Oceanography degree) and hope to join a group of talented like-minded musicians in the future.

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