Southampton University Jazz Band

The Southampton University Jazz Band is a welcoming, non-auditioned big band. We will be playing a very wide variety of music across different playing standards and difficulties - if you can play an instrument in our horn or rhythm section then then there will be something for you to play!

We have rehearsals once a week. These are designed to be both informal and enjoyable places to play so that people can relax and get a break from their studies whilst playing some big band classics. On top of these we will also be meeting at the pub afterwards and invite our members to social events throughout the year.

We cater for all tastes within jazz, and play a mixture of Funk, Jazz, Blues and Swing music which varies in difficulty to be both fun to play, and also challenging enough to develop our members as musicians. There is no need to have played in a big band before however musicians would be expected to read off sheet music (although not always with 100% accuracy!). We also provide the opportunity for our members to perform in a number of concerts throughout the year. Being a young, up and coming society, these dates aren't fixed yet but do check our facebook page to see when and where we'll be playing next!

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