Irish Dance

The Irish dance society is going into its third year now and is bigger and better than ever!! The society organises classes once a week for students who wish to learn/practice Irish Dancing both with soft shoes and hard shoes, along with socials, dance performances and nights out. Starting this year we have a professional teach run to take classes ensuring that no matter what level you are you can get the most out of your dancing.

We run a beginners, intermediates and advanced classes, alternating each week between soft and hard shoes. The Irish Dance Society is a part of SUSUPA and we participates in the annual Pure Dance show with the other SUSUPA dance societies. This is a major event, putting on shows over three consecutive nights!! A competition squad is also run alongside lessons who compete across the country, this year winning 1st place at BUCS.

Irish has quickly become one of the major dance societies at the Uni and we can only hope to grow even more in our next year. Whether you have been Irish dancing for years or just want to pop along for a taste of what we are all about, we would love to see you!!

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