We are the Southampton Capoeira Society, a friendly group of people who train Capoeira 3 times a week- Mondays 17:00-19:00 and Wednesdays 18:00-20:00 at the Cafe as well as on Sundays 12:00-14:00 in the Activities Room. Never heard of Capoeira? No problem! Come give it a try, we are open to all.

We combine movement with a range of other things such as music (both playing instruments and singing), history, and the Portuguese language. There is something for everyone!

What you can expect to do throughout the year as a part of Capoeira Soc is to visit other Capoeira groups in the country, take part in Capoeira demonstrations, be a part of our Capoeira Connections winter workshops with its legendary Afro-Brazilian Party and our summer international ZumZumZum Capoeira Festival.

You don't need any prior experience to join the classes. Even if you don't think of yourself as particularly 'sporty' or 'athletic', you will be surprised how much you can do within Capoeira. If you have done some Capoeira before feel free to join us as we welcome people with any prior experience, whatever the style.

Check out our Facebook page for more information.

We can't wait to train with you!

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