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Hello PA!

And a VERY belated Happy New Year to you all! (Yes, I am fully aware New Year was over a month ago… but I haven’t spoken to you all, so this is acceptable, I hope!)

I really hope you all got through your exams and assignments okay and have truly settled back into your rehearsals and performances if you’ve had some already!



Performing Arts Committee stayed super busy over Christmas and exam time keeping on top of all things PA. We even had a lovely committee meeting next door to a Baby SUSO rehearsal where we all danced along to Pirates of the Caribbean and shouted a lot! Such fun!

We hope you all enjoyed the Winter Warmer on the last day of term! We had a fantastic turn out from both performers and audience – what a great way to finish the term! The TG Nativity has still left me scarred, however…

I won’t type out a long update of all groups (I’ll leave that to next weeks rep post!), but I’ll let you know a couple of things we’re up to!

The PA Review has started! This year we’re trying to improve things for your future members and committees! We’re busy compiling all things we don’t like about how Performing Arts is run, our position in SUSU, our relationship with university – everything! If you’d like to have a moan about PA, (or tell us we’re great!). Please fill out these short surveys (more SUSU based ones to released soon!):

Committee Survey:

Member Survey:

The deadline for filling these out is 14th February at 11:59pm!

SIPAA (Students in Performing Arts Association) are aiming to hold a regional conference here in Southampton for all PA groups! This will includes talks from professionals, performances, key-note discussions and an awards ceremony! We really want to kick SIPAA off the ground running – so please register your interest in the conference by filling in the form below:

The conference will aim to take place on the 15th- 16th of April.

This open to all groups at university, so if you have any fellow Performing Arts friends – invite them over to Southampton, we’d love to meet them!

PA AGM will be taking place on the afternoon of the 20th April. If you’re interested in running for a position on the Performing Arts Committee, please contact the current position holder! (Contact details on the website!). More information to be released via our Facebook page very soon!

The PA Show is back on Surge Radio on Mondays at 12pm! Tomorrow (8th Feb), we are joined by the cast and team of LOpSoc’s Fiddler on the Roof and we’ll also be telling you about the weekends many dance competitions and a very special music reunion!

That’s all for now! Please keep in touch with us via Facebook letting us know about all events, projects, concerns, anything you’d like to talk with us about- we’re always happy to listen!

And stayed tuned to the blog for some real knitty-gritty information of what we’re doing to look after Performing Arts!

PA love,


PA Rep, 2015/16


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It’s only just begun! What have we been up to while deciding which Christmas song lyrics make good titles?

The PA Winter Warmer was a rousing success! I can confirm that money was certainly raised to support the PA Ball! There were a lot of excellent acts from societies across PA, with great performances from FolkSoc, Jazzmanix and SUSingers that I am somewhat obligated to highlight.

One of the things the committee is focused on this year is improving the experiences of both the committees and members of the societies that form Performing Arts. To this end, we are going to be sending out some surveys soon to ask about your experiences in the PA societies and see not just where we can improve, but what you have enjoyed! (So we can do more of that!)

We’ve also been hard at work putting the finishing touches to our pilot music lesson scheme, aimed at giving students with no prior musical experience a taste of instrumental lessons, while giving music students teaching experience that will help their careers. Some of the students have even started their lessons!

I look forward to seeing you all back after the holidays, and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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A quick catch up with the theatre societies before we break for Christmas.

With the PA Winter Warmer fast approaching, it’s time to dig out those Christmas jumpers, buy some glitter for your beard and get merry whilst watching some of our talented societies perform! But before all of that excitement begins, let’s take a look at what the theatrical societies have been up to via the ghost of theatrical past… (present and future also included)

In most recent news, the Medics Revue put on their 42nd show, appropriately named ‘Scar Wards,’ which played to sell-out audiences in the Annex! Full of ‘humerus’ moments , the audiences’ sides were definitely splitting (good job there was always a doctor on hand!) This show was received with great success and the profits have gone to the charities ‘beat’ (beating eating disorders) and ‘Autism Hampshire.’

Keeping with the light hearted side of things, Comedy had their first sketch show of the year, which featured the Freshers testing out their new material, as well as having to improvise some crazy scenes (‘Oh I say!’).  There was plenty to ‘Laugh, Cry, Drink, and Repeat’ about as they even performed the show twice, a first for Comedy but it definitely should not be the last!

‘Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more’ as Theatre Group also performed their Freshers’ show, ‘Much Ado About Nothing.’ This show saw a very talented cast perform one of Shakespeare’s most loved comedies in a 60s setting. Theatre Group are also preparing for their Winter show, ‘The Game’s Afoot’ which takes place from 9th – 12th December!

Magic have been casting some of their close up skills at events recently, which have certainly captured people’s attention. If you would like them to perform at one of your events, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Now hula hoop your way over to Circus as they have been busy learning new skills and generally having fun! They will be performing in the Annex next semester but if you can’t wait until then, go and learn a new skill with them every Monday night!

In present news, Showstoppers are preparing for their first show of the year, their Freshers’ show, ‘Footloose’ which is taking place from Wednesday – Saturday this week! ‘Can You Find It In Your Heart’ to buy a ticket? If the answer is ‘yes’ (which it should be) then head on over to our show section of the website to reserve one now!

On to future news now as Chamber Opera are busy preparing for their performance of ‘Dido & Aeneas’  which will take place on 26th February next year for one day and one day only, so make sure to save the date!

LopSoc are also preparing for their February show, ‘Fiddler On The Roof,’ and ‘If I Were a Rich Man’ I would definitely pay to see this as it is shaping up to be spectacular. On that note, you do not have to be rich to go, as PA members only have to pay £5 with a valid PA card!

Now go forth, be merry and have a theatrical Christmas!

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Hi again PA!

It’s coming up to CHRISTMAS (I am so excited) so I imagine you’re all super busy rehearsing and preparing for your concerts! Best of luck with them – don’t forget to get advertising your performances early!

I bet the last thing committees are wanting to think about it the dreaded funding application deadline looming up on Sunday 29th November. (Plug: PA are holding a Funding Workshop on Saturday 21st November at 12pm in Building 34, Room 4007 – a time for us to answer all your funding questions!).

As some of you may know, over the last few years we’ve had the Underwritten System in place as a way of helping cover larger performance losses. It has become apparent to PA that this system may have not be the most effective, therefore SUSU and PA are offering an alternative, now known as the Profit Sharing Grant.



In funding round 2, any funding applications used to cover costs of a performance over £500 will be considered as a profit-sharing grant application. This is a temporary initiative that will be reviewed for a long term solution during the Performing Arts Review.

What does the Profit-sharing grant mean?

Having a profit-sharing grant from SUSU means you will enter an agreement wherein:

a) You submit an application with detailed business plan to SUSU, submitted in to the events pot. The committee will judge your application based on the strength of your business plan, which should look to make a profit.

b) If the committee approves your request, they will agree to give you the agreed upon amount, up to £1500

c) You will keep diligent records of your costs and income

d) Once the performance has happened, if you make a profit, you will give SUSU 50% of all profits up to £1000

Why are we doing it?

We want to do everything we can to promote every Performing Arts society having the opportunity to put on a performance, and we truly appreciate the value of student performing arts. However, we do also have limited amounts of money which also have to be shared out with many other non-performing arts societies. In short, the profit-sharing grant system is a good compromise for us in offering as much financial support to student performances as we can, whilst also retaining funds for other creative student groups. We also want to encourage skills such as business planning for student volunteers, which will also promote well planned and impactful performances.

How do I apply?

To apply, you will need to submit a funding application to the events pot by the 29th November. The process for filling out the funding application is the same as any other request, but alongside this we will expect you to present a detailed business plan to representatives from the Creative Industries Committee. There is a template business plan here; (

Please note that any application to fund a performance over £500 will be considered as an underwritten application. Also be aware that we will be judging business plans against their potential for making profit as well.


We hope this makes sense to you and that societies with big costly projects coming up in the next two semesters might consider using this to help fund and support their performances. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via or our Finance Officer, Peter Bridgwood via



We have some fantastic performances coming up over the next week!

Jazzmanix, Southampton University’s largest Pop and Gospel Choir are taking to Turner Sims this weekend to bring you a mix of Pitch Perfect style a cappella music, big gospel numbers and of course some Disney!

Medics are coming back to the Annex Theatre with their Revue, ‘Scar Wards’ – it’s always a massive laugh and sell out super quickly, so get your hands on tickets NOW!

Showstoppers Christmas Cabaret is taking place in Bar 2 this Sunday 22nd from 8pm – grab a drink and have a relaxed evening of musical theatre, including some numbers from their upcoming shows.

SUJO – Southampton University’s Jazz Orchestra are joining PianoSoc for their first gig since they returned from the Montreux Jazz Festival this summer. Thursday 26th in The Hartley Suite on campus, from 7.30pm.

Southampton University Symphony Orchestra are celebrating works in the year of their 150th anniversaries on Saturday 28th in Turner Sims. Including some Nielsen, Sibelius and Debussy, it seems there will be something for everyone! Start time, 7.30pm.


Find out more about all these performances via the website or our Facebook page – SUSU Performing Arts.


Also, don’t forget to purchase your PA CARD from the SUSU box office for just £3! These will give you discount on most of our events, Music Theatre South’s shows, Stags and Bridge food and drink, and also from the PA Ball next year – check out the website for all the offers available!


Enjoy the rest of the semester. I’m writing this from The Bridge and it couldn’t be more Christmassy!

PA Love,


Performing Arts Rep 15/16 

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So all the dancers are most definitely all stuck in! Our members have grown, our legs are higher and we’re bigger and better than ever before. Watch out: SUSUPA 2015/16 is going to have a great year.

All the squads have been chosen and the rehearsals have started for our competitions, with a few having already started. Most of our committees are gearing up for the 13th February where we’re hosting 3 competitions on the same day in Southampton. Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Street and Jazz are competing in SUSUPA Comp; Salsa are hosting their very own competition and KBN are hosting the first ever inter-university competition for kandyan, bharatanatyam and a fusion of the two in the UK: THAALA. Just goes to show how prominent our Dance Societies are in the South!

In the next few weeks we’re also starting our rehearsals for our annual Pure Dance Show, which is being held on the 5/6th March – save the date! This is the show where all 13 dance societies come together to put on 4 brilliant performances. So watch out for us on SUSUPA snapchat banging out some moves for a sneak preview.

We’ve also got some very exciting new events coming up this year with our first ever dance ‘TOUR TOUR TOUR’ scheduled for Easter where we’ll be entertained with workshops and competitions during the day and representing SUSUPA on the dance floors of Barcelona in the evening. Before that, we’re all preparing with a ‘Social Shirt Social’ to wet our appetites ready for the big thang.

I’ve very proud of our Contemporary and Jazz Society for holding fundraising classes for charities such as Motor Neurone Disease Association and Children in Need and I’m sure we’ll have more to come. Tap also got involved with a Tapathon in support of Children in Need as well!

I think that’s it for now – so you have no excuse not to attend the exciting events we have planned for the yea to get a glimpse of our SUSUPA Dancers and proof that we’re as great as we say we are.

Happy Dancing to you all !

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An overture of the work of the music societies this winter, Liszted here for your consideration!


Hello all! This is my first blog of the year, so I’d like to take this opportunity to show off the exciting projects that our music societies are working on this term, and how you can support them!


Some of our societies have been working very hard this term with their community outreach projects! Concert Band have a very exciting concert with the Southampton Youth Wind Band on November 14 at the Victory Centre. Our own Symphonic Orchestra, SUSO, is continuing their outreach programme Baby SUSO, going into schools and performing and running workshops. Our brass band SUBB have begun a similar, as yet unnamed, programme that will commence later this year.


SUBB have a history of strong local ties, having performed as part of the City’s ‘Music in Unusual Places’ festival earlier this year, and their winter concert taking place at West Tytherly Church on the 5th of December. FolkSoc worked with the Mountain Climbing Society to perform at a joint fundraising event on November 7. SUPhil have strong links with the local community, having recently performed at the Festival of Remembrance on November 1st.


There are a lot of anticipated winter concerts coming up! You can find the details on the SUSU Performing Arts Facebook page, and on the pages of the individual groups. Several groups even have their own websites! You can find more details about our groups at


LiveSoc have fortnightly jam sessions in the Clubs and Societies Room in the SUSU building, in addition to putting on gigs featuring bands from the society! The next jam sessions will be on November 22 and December 6 in the afternoon.


Jazzmanix are performing a varied programme on November 21 and 22 at Turner Sims, featuring Pitch Perfect-style a cappella groups and pop and gospel tunes performed by the main choir, with songs such as A Star is Born from Disney’s Hercules!


SUJO and PianoSoc are bringing an exciting programme on November 2 at the Hartley Suite, featuring classic jazz works from greats such as Count Basie and Duke Ellington, such as Take the A Train and Lil’ Darlin.


SUPhil are performing with the Southampton Philharmonic Choir and orchestral accompaniment to bring us Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis Massa at the o2 Guildhall on the 28th of November.


If that style of classical music is not for you, then SUSO are also performing that night at Turner Sims, celebrating the 150th anniversaries of Nielson and Sibelius, also featuring pieces from Debussy and Vaughan Williams.


SUStrings have their Christmas concert the following afternoon, on the 29th of November. This will feature a premier of a piece written specifically for the orchestra by Luke Gosling, alongside classics such as Elgar’s Serenade for Strings and Purcell’s Abdelazar Suite.


Concert Band are performing in the afternoon of December 5th at Turner Sims for their anticipated Christmas Concert, where they will perform a selection of classical pieces, marches, favourites from the stage and screen, along with some festive classics!
SUSingers and SUSWO have a joint concert at Turner Sims on December 6th, promising a selection of classical and current music, along with some festive favourites.


Finally, Sinfonietta and Chamber Choir have a joint concert on the 11th of December.


If all these exciting events aren’t enough to get you in a Christmassy mood, then come along to the PA Winter Warmer on December 13! An exciting event welcome to all with guest performances from a wide variety of Performing Arts societies, with proceeds going to support other exciting PA events that will happen later in the year!

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From the Bunfight, to auditions and now onto rehearsals… these past few weeks have kept our theatrical societies entertained!

It’s a new year at Southampton and in theatre speak that translates to “Yay another year to prance around the Annex and forget about our degrees because Performing Arts is really what we came to uni for!” And the world of theatre at Southampton has definitely got off to that successful start.

Theatre Group have already had their independent show, ‘Party’, directed by Andy Sugden and Ruthie Pinion which was a hilarious masterpiece. And this week from 28th – 31st October the Halloween show, ‘Medea’, directed by Tara Gilmore is set to send chills down your spine. Rehearsals for TG Freshers’ show, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, are well underway and from 18th-21st November the Annex will be transformed into a university from 1968!

Showstoppers also have their Freshers’ show, ‘Footloose’ which is certainly going to get you “dancing in your Sunday shoes” from 2nd-5th December. Showstoppers have recently cast their Small show, ‘Company’, and with Stephen Sondheim’s 85th birthday tribute this week just gone, “Being Alive” appears to be the perfect show tune to celebrate!

LopSoc have been busy preparing for their main show, ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ which will take place next semester. Their talented cast are sure to blow you away with their dazzling sound and if you can’t wait until February, make sure to stand outside the Education Building on a Tuesday night. Pitches for their summer show are also happening in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled to see what is in store!

Our newest member to the theatrical side of Performing Arts is Chamber Opera! They have just had auditions for their first show, ‘Dido & Aeneas’ which will take place in Turner Sims Concert Hall in February. They have had a great turnout so far and the society is sure to become a quick success, keep it up Chamber Opera!

Circus have definitely been juggling some great events recently and their next one is on 31st October for Filipino Soc’s Halloween party. They are also preparing for their show in March which looks like it could be an exciting ‘Macabre Cabaret’ so certainly one to watch out for!

Magic have been busy organising Michael  Vincent and Chris Wood to come and present lectures to their society which will be spellbinding to all of those involved. They also have their Halloween social coming up, appropriately titled Witches and Wizards. Have fun Magic!

Comedy recently had a stand up night at Glen Bar and on a chilly evening it was fired up by some hilarious performances and also by the chilli contest if their set ran over time. Their sketch and improv show, ‘Laugh, Cry, Drink, Repeat’, is taking place on 6th-7th November and your sides will definitely be splitting by the end of it!

If Comedy is not entertainment enough, then be sure to go to this year’s Medics Revue and be a part of raising thousands of pounds for great causes!

Finally, the unsung heroes of Stagesoc are preparing for the opening of ‘Medea’ this week. They will be teching all of the other theatrical societies’ shows throughout the year so just from all of us at Performing Arts: THANK YOU STAGESOC!

To keep up to date with everything Performing Arts, make sure to follow our facebook page: /SUSUPerfomingArts and also our new snapchat: susuperform

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Hello Performing Arts!

Welcome to (nearly half way through!) a new semester!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Becky – final year music student, musical theatre addict and 2015/16’s Performing Arts Representative!

I hope you’ve all settled in well to this year at Southampton, whether you’re new or returning, and thrown yourself headfirst into rehearsals, I know I have! If you haven’t yet found a society for you, we have nearly 40 on offer and nearly all are still accepting members. Go and perform!

This years Performing Arts Committee have already been very hard at work and I’m going to bring you a little update on whats been going on and what we’ve got planned.


We started the semester with a very successful day at the BUNFIGHT in Garden Court. We now have 39 societies with most having more sign ups than in previous years. Congratulations on all the societies beautiful stands and current members performances! We had great feedback!

We also visited the Freshers’ Fayre with a FLASHMOB on Redbrick choreographed by our Dance Rep, Immy. Thank you to her and our dance committees for taking part!

We have PERFORMING ARTS CARDS on their way. These are getting you discounts and deals in more places than ever before (stay tuned to the blog for more information very soon!), including PA priced tickets to most performances throughout the year.

Also stay tuned for some PA MERCHANDISE!

Corin, Webmaster for Performing Arts, was hard at work over the summer creating a PA ARCHIVE, this can be accessed through the website, showing members and shows dating back for years past! Create your own profile for your time at Southampton and also add your PA events to the calendar!

THE PA SHOW is back on Surge Radio every Tuesday at 9am! Our new host, Showstopper and Theatre Group member, Jamie Martin will be interviewing members and giving you a run down of whats happening in PA that week. It’s definitely going to be a laugh.

SUSU President, Ben Franklin, has been working hard to secure Performing Arts a new space to perform on campus. The CUBE RENOVATION will be taking place in Easter 2016 .

THEATRE GROUP reviewed a 4* from The Edge for their performance of ‘Party’. Well done team!

We are currently working on the UNDERWRITTEN SYSTEM, FUNDING GUIDELINES and helping societies with their finances! Thank you to Peter, PA’s Finance Officer for all his help on this so far.

We have a PA SNAPCHAT – susuperform – add us for sneak peaks at rehearsals!

There’s LOTS more in the works for Performing Arts this semester and you’ll soon be updated in more detail by one of our Reps in their blog takeover.

For now, be pleased with what we’ve got planned for you all over this year – I won’t give too much away:

  • Kickstart of the Free Music Lesson Scheme
  • Improved dance and theatrical spaces
  • Kickstart of the Students in Performing Arts Association, with events held throughout the year
  • Better visibility from the Committee who represent you as Performing Arts members

This is just a glance at how PA Committee will be looking after you this year. If I wrote everything down now, there would be nothing for me to say in my next post!

Please find myself and the committee regularly around SUSU, come and say hi! (and expect fortnightly updates from myself and/or your Reps).

I MASSIVELY look forward to seeing your performances this semester. Have fun, enjoy the year and keep pushing yourselves to be the best performers you can be! 

PA Love,


Performing Arts Rep 2015/16

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After a few issues this year regarding the underwritten system, we are in the process of writing a brand new system with clear guidelines and rules to begin in September. Before then we know many of you venture on travels throughout the summer and we would like to be able to still support your society over the summer months.

So here are some guidelines of how to get your show underwritten for summer (especially for Edinburgh Fringe Shows):
– You need to send a short summary paragraph (in a word document format) along with a copy of your budget to to be read at the next CI Committee (don’t worry if you can’t make it before the next one – we will have another meeting that you can bring it to). The next CI Committee meeting is on the 27th April 1-3pm, so really it needs to arrive with Charlotte no later than the 24th April. (The earlier we get it the more in detail we can look at it and discuss it prior to the meeting).

There are a few changes to the original system already including:
– We will only underwrite up to £500.
– We will only take 50% of the profits, up to £500 (we will never take back more than we will underwrite).

What you need to submit:
– The introductory paragraph: this needs to detail what your show is about, things about how you are going to ensure you do not lose money, and anything else you think will help us in making our decision.
– The budget, which needs to be making a profit. The Finance team in SUSU will be reading these so please check them. Please also keep in mind that they should be making money at a low capacity. Please submit in as an Excel document.

It is yet to be decided whether we will need someone from your pitch team (preferably a producer- or someone in charge of the budget to attend the CI Committee meeting, so please keep the date in your diaries, and let Charlotte know when submitting the documents if no one can attend this meeting date).

Thank you all for reading this, and we are excited to share the new underwritten system over summer, once the details have been sorted out fully. If you have any questions what so ever please email either Anna at or Charlotte on and we are sure we will be able to sort it out!


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We’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of nominations that have come flying in for the Performing Arts Awards. The list below is of everyone nominated – this will go forward to an independent panel for judging, and the winners will be announced at the Performing Arts Ball on May 3rd.


 An outstanding society will work for all its members, and produce performance work of a high standard. They will work together to grow and achieve as a collective.

Ballroom and Latin
Belly Dance
Brass Band
Chamber Choir
Comedy Soc
Concert Band
Contemporary Dance
Irish Dance
Jazz Dance
Kandyan and Bharata Natyam
Live Soc
Salsa Soc
Street Dance
Tap Dance
Theatre Group 


An individual committed to the Performing Arts will have worked for the development of their society, or potentially across more than one society. Their commitment goes beyond performance, or sitting on a committee – they strive to achieve beyond what they are required to.

Abigail Ross-Smith
Aidan Pittman
Amy Wallington
Becci Harrill
Ben Willcocks
Catherine Hyde
Catherine Simpson
Cerys Beesley
Claire Essex
David Young
Dilini Seneviratne
Jed Marshall
Joe Buckingham
Joe Nurse
Kate Rawlings
Katerina Spaull
Linda Bellinger
Nicola Knight
Nikki Larcombe
Olly Trojak
Robin Johnson
Ruthie Pinion
Sally White
Sammi Standley
Sevan Keoshgerian
Thomas Joy
Trini Phillip
Victoria Oxley


An individual creative or performer who has produced work of an outstanding quality in a theatrical discipline: acting, musical theatre, opera, comedy, magic or circus skills.

Aidan Pittman
Alex Scotchbrook
Andy Banks
Charlie House
Corin Chaplin
Danny McNamee
Felicity de Angeli
Jed Marshall
Joanna Mills
Joe Barr
Jon North
Lottie Graham
Lydia Edge
Mike Cottrell
Robin Johnson
Robyn Fryer
Ruth Endersby
Ruthie Pinion
Sevan Keoshgerian
Thomas Joy 


An individual creative or performer who has produced musical work of an outstanding quality.

Adam Skinner
Becky Griffin
Catherine Underhill
Daniel Laverick
Harriet Compton
Jeremy Hunt
Joe Barr
Joe Nurse
Neville Bharucha
Robyn Fryer
Thomas Joy 


An individual creative or performer who has produced dance work of an outstanding quality.

Abigail Ross-Smith
Alyssa Fox-Charles
Amy Wallington
Asa Wasatabe
Dilini Seneviratne
Emma Nottingham
Fergus O’Neill
James Crickmere
Josh Chan
Kirsty Mackay
Lauren Westie
Nikki Larcombe
Rama Khalifeh
Richard Fisher
Ruthie Pinion
Sarah Hemming
Suzy Edwards
Tobi Oswald Oduntan

Congratulations to all those nominated – see you at the Ball!