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That’s right, the Performing Arts Awards are back! We’re so excited to present to you a tighter process, great prizes… and the chance for five winners to receive eternal glory. The Performing Arts Awards 2014-2015 will celebrate individual and team successes that have gone above and beyond the norm in the last twelve months.

There will be five awards, each to celebrate different aspects of creativity and effort that goes into all our societies in the Performing Arts.

The categories are as follows:

An outstanding society will work for all its members, and produce performance work of a high standard. They will work together to grow and achieve as a collective.

An individual committed to the Performing Arts will have worked for the development of their society, or potentially across more than one society. Their commitment goes beyond performance, or sitting on a committee – they strive to achieve beyond what they are required to.

An individual creative or performer who has produced work of an outstanding quality in a theatrical discipline: acting, musical theatre, opera, comedy, magic or circus skills.

An individual creative or performer who has produced musical work of an outstanding quality.

An individual creative or performer who has produced dance work of an outstanding quality.

The winners will be selected through a nomination system: any member of the Performing Arts may submit nominations for any of the awards through the form here. Nominations will close at 11.59 on Sunday 4th April. Nominees can be selected for any of their achievements from May 2014 to April 2015. You may nominate for as many or as few of the awards as you like, and are able to submit multiple nominations for an award.

The most successful nominations will be those which give concrete examples of efforts and successes of an individual or society, and which provide as much evidence as possible.

The nominees will be fact-checked and shortlisted by the Performing Arts Committee before sending the shortlist to Creative Industries Committee, who will select the winners. The awards and prizes will be presented at the Performing Arts Ball in May.

So… if there’s someone in your society who you think deserves recognition for all they do, please tell us why via the Performing Arts Awards Nomination Form!

Good luck!




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This week’s blog comes to you from me, Caitlin, your PA Events and Publicity Officer… and what a week it’s been.

Preparations for the Freshers’ arrivals are well underway as we aim to kick off the biggest and best year PA has ever seen.

We’ve got loads of stuff ordered for the Bunfight: have a look out for the Welcome Meeting flyers as well as the brand-new programmes with details of every PA show that’s on this coming Semester. All our promo material for this year so far has been generously designed by Joe Buckingham, so a huge thank you to him for that!

We’ve also had the PA purple bunting arrive this morning, so the Cube is going to be looking good on Wednesday. There’s a great program of performances lined up from a range of our societies: watch out for Showstoppers, Ballet, Jazzmanix, Circus Soc, Belly Dance, Livesoc, Breakdance, Kandyam and Bharata Natyam, Salsa Soc, SUBLDS (Ballroom and Latin) and new society Afrodynamix, as well as a real treat: LOpSoc putting on a couple of songs from their (recently national award-winning) show, The Pirates of Penzance.

Once the Bunfight’s over, and we’ve all had a few days to recover, we’ll be straight back into planning for the Southampton Arts Fair on campus, where societies will be invited to perform again, as well as check out stalls from local arts companies, from big names like the Nuffield to fledgling groups like Broken Arrow Productions. This is all on October first – more info to come!

See you all at the Bunfight!

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This week’s blog is a quick update from your Web Officer, who’s just back from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 – not-so-fresh, not-so-well-fed and definitely down with a case of the excessive-exertion sniffles, but pretty happy after an amazing month-long tour with P.A.!

Hi folks! Well, what can I say about the preceding month other than “Wow” and “I want to go back”?! After months of rehearsals down in Southampton and a few preview performances to test out our material (there’s nothing quite like asking your friends for an honest opinion!), I was lucky enough to be part of a group of 23 or so students who made the journey up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 at the beginning of August – and now, what seems like an age later, thoroughly exhausted and suffering from post-Festival withdrawal symptoms, I can only summarise by labelling it an absolutely incredible month!

The Fringe is the biggest annual international performing festival in the world – and boy is it obvious when you go up there! Featuring theatre, comedy, dance, magic, circus, cabaret, improv, opera, choirs, music and pretty much any other form of performance you can think of, anywhere and everywhere (be it street corners, theatres, caves, clubs… whereever you go, someone’s putting on a show!), and even those inventing their own performance styles (for example, I caught a show this year which entirely consisted of physical theatre in pitch blackness, with the cast’s clothing acting as the lights!), it’s often seen as one of the pinnacles in a University career for many a theatrically affiliated student, just because it’s such an inspirational experience in how it exposes you to a fantastic depth of international culture and quality.

This year was no different as, under the banner of “Gone Rogue Productions”, SUSU Performing Arts, and in particular its Theatre Group and Comedy Society, following extensive fundraising campaigns (which ultimately required some great sacrifices to be made – particularly of one production team’s hair!), made their way to Scotland and represented Southampton in style, with a highly successful – and enjoyable – Fringe all round.

Firstly, to Theatre Group’s contributions: the group took up two shows to the Fringe this year, a gender-swapped twist on Oscar Wilde’s classic farce, The Importance of Being Earnest, and an enthralling fast-paced thriller, Stephen Belber’s Tape. Aside from the great commercial successes achieved (after all, we’re in it for the love of art, right?!), audience and critical reception was highly favourable for both shows, particularly in the case of Tape receiving multiple four-star reviews and being long-listed for the National Student Drama Festival Edinburgh award 2014, a magnificent achievement which really puts Gone Rogue on the map for future years. Likewise, Earnest also accrued its fair share of supporters, including some of a quite-possibly-famous-but-I’m-not-allowed-to-say-too-much-yet nature – so keep your eyes out in the media next year for that (as a cast member it was a special experience, to say the least)!

The Importance of Being Earnest team

The Importance of Being Earnest team

The Tape team

The Tape team

There was a slightly more hectic, if no less enjoyable, experience for the members of Comedy Society (most under the company name “Masters of None”) who made the journey, with some performing, at various points in the Festival calendar, no fewer than four times a day in their shows Skimprov, ‘Melon, Coffee, Duck’ and Clusterf*ck with great aplomb; on one occasion, they even ended up playing the crowd like a fiddle at C Venues’ Improvaganza show (although I won’t forget in a hurry their faces when they were asked to, on the spot, sing with an improvised musical group)! Their debut at the Fringe was a tremendous success in itself just to make it there, but to demonstrate high quality stand-up and sketch material, alongside improvisational ability of such a brilliant standard, was exceptional, and it’s hugely exciting to see what they’ll come up with next time around!

Many of the Comedy Society members who made the trip!

Some of the Comedy Society members who made the trip!

Other highlights of the Festival for everyone included the chance to go around and network with other companies, catch plenty of shows for free using our company passes (personally, I caught a grand total of 70 within the space of three weeks – I need a break from it now I think!), witness one of our own alumni, Joe Hart, deliver an outstanding performance in a national comedy competition (placing 3rd in the So You Think You’re Funny? Final, and being commended by none other than Jason Manford), scale Arthur’s Seat and play a round of the classic drama game “Ninjas”, enjoy a fair few nights out (well, it is a Festival after all!), and partake in our fair share of celeb-spotting, Gone Rogue’s top meetings including Jack Gleeson (also known to some as King Joffrey!), John Bishop, Simon Callow, Georgie Henley and Simon Amstell.

And now we’re back, and gradually settling into the until-recently alien concept of a “healthy lifestyle”! It’s been an experience to savour, and definitely one I’d recommend to any and all members of Performing Arts: if you’re in a theatrical society, you owe it to yourself to go for it, and if not, there’s probably a performance venue for your group waiting somewhere up there in 2015, so get considering it! A massive thanks goes out to our production teams (in particular Jed, Joe, Mike, Luke, Chris, Jamie & Poppy) and committees (especially Sally from TG), to the University for their financial support of our endeavours through the G F Forsey fund, and any and all persons who helped us reach our fundraising targets to get up there, or who came to see the show – thank you so much for an incredible experience!

As for you, Edinburgh… (hopefully) see you next year!

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Hello All,

This weeks blog is to give you an update on what has been going on in the Performing Arts. What committee has been doing, and some exciting things members have been up to.

1. Welcome Flyers for Bunfight are all ordered, this shows when everyones welcome meetings are. We distribute these during Bunfight to give freshers a concise informative overview of how to get involved in the Performing Arts.

2. Funding is still open, keep those applications coming in. DEADLINE 31ST AUG MIDNIGHT.

3. Re-opened Nuffield pitches- after receiving messages saying our deadline was too soon, we have pushed back the deadline till MONDAY 8TH SEP AT 4PM. We are looking forward to reading your pitches.

4. Our theatrical societies TG and Comedy have been doing really well at the Edinburgh Fringe this month. Check out the reviews bellow!


Gone Rogue’s ‘Tape’ by Stephen Belber

4* from ThreeWeeks

3* from A Younger Theatre

4* and 2* from

Gone Rogue’s ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Oscar Wilde

2* and 2* from

Masters of None’s ‘Skimprov’

3* and 2* from

3* from ThreeWeeks

Masters of None’s ‘Melon, Coffee, Duck.’

2* and 3* from

5. Last years Web-Officer Joe Hart came 3RD in SO YOU THINK YOU ARE FUNNY?. This is absolutely fabulous news, we all knew you could do it well done.

6. Work on our Semester 1 brochure of events is underway. And we will be posting a document to fill with all your semester 1 show details soon.

7. Caitlin our events and marketing officer, is getting underway with Bunfight organisation. Including decorations and marketing.

8. Our event Performing Arts Fair- Wednesday 1st October (afternoon) is really coming together. It’s a chance for you to see what Performing Arts groups (professional and amateur) are doing in Southampton.
Thats all from us this week, if you ever want an achievement of your society to be featured in our weekly blog, email the achievement to either your representative or by thursday evening and I will include it in that weeks blog.

Enjoy the rest of your summer holidays!



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So as Anna is still enjoying her holibobs, your blog this week comes to you courtesy of your Dance Rep, via your music reps log in!!!

It’s a really exciting time for dance at the moment, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to let you all know about what dance has been up to!!

SUSUPA Dance is going from strength to strength and we have just expanded our SUSUPA Dance family as we have been joined by three new dance societies!!!! This is really huge for SUSUPA Dance as it means we now represent even more styles of dance, meaning we appeal to even more people – something we are all really excited about, especially with Fresher’s week coming up soon!! So I would like to formally introduce our three new and very cultural dance societies :-

  • Afroydnamix – who will be offering classes at various levels in African Tribal dancing!!!
  • Irish Dance – who will be offering beginners and advanced level classes in both soft and hard shoe and are hoping to form their own Irish dance squad!!                                                                                                    
  • Kandyam and Bharata Natyam – who incorporate several types of Indian dancing excluding Bhangra and will also be open to everyone at different levels!!! (details to come!!!!)

We’re all really excited to have them as a part of SUSUPA Dance and I hope all of you PA lovelies will join me in giving them a massive warm welcome… We can’t wait to see them break out their dance moves!!

We also have a beautiful new trophy cabinet, so if you’re passing through the bottom floor of SUSU make sure you check out all our silver wear!!! And we are already excited and on course to bring home even more in 2015.

I’m SUSUPA excited for the year ahead and everything dance has to look forward to, between our annual SUSUPA Comp, which is already set to be bigger and host more Universities and dancers than ever before, workshops, three new societies and our annual sell out show Pure Dance 2015, it’s shaping up to be a fantastic year!!! We love to welcome new dancers, so whether you are an old pro or have two left feet, we’d love to get you involved and find the dance society for you!!! So make sure you like our SUSUPA Dance page…

and keep an eye out for us at the bunfight where you’ll be able to find all the information on our free taster sessions for EVERY society!!! We might just be the ones dancing inside, outside or anywhere there’s music playing…

Have a fabulous summer and we’ll see you in September

Nikki :)

Dance Rep 2014/2015.

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As Anna’s away this week, your blog comes to you courtesy of your music rep!

There’s always loads going on in music, so I thought the summer would be a good time for you to see what’s been happening over the past few months.

Music had the great opportunity to showcase what the societies get up to, during the university open days last month. It was great to meet so many potential students, who are so passionate about music, and were really interested in what we do, so many of them were amazed at the amount of societies (15 incase you didn’t know) and the wide range of genres that we have in the University. (From Classical, Jazz to Folk, and everything in between!)

Two of our Music Presidents, hard at work!

The last of this year’s tours finished up, with Jazzmanix performing in Disneyland, and SUSO going to Valencia over the summer, as well as many more tours taking place over the rest of the year. SUSUPA Music has gone to so many new places, and I’m so grateful that you guys are able to experience performing in different countries, and you get a holiday with your friends! What more could you want!

We’ve also branched out into different types of social media. There’s now a handy facebook page ( and twitter account (@susupamusic) where literally all things music related are being posted. Concert dates, first rehearsal info etc so it’s even easier to find out what’s going on.

Anyway enough with the plugging, what can you expect from SUSU PA Music this year?

In short; even more than last year! I cannot wait for this year to get underway. After talking with the presidents their plans are even bigger than last year, there’s going to be great concerts, more tours going across Europe, projects to help out in various parts of Southampton, and so much more.

As always if you want to get involved in doing something creative, keep an eye out for us at the bunfight. We’re the one’s in the purple t-shirts!

Have a great summer,

Rich x




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Hello All,


As part of the growth in transparency this year, i will be using the blog more frequently (aiming for one a week- every Friday) to keep you all up to date with what is going on in the Performing Arts. This week i have a couple of announcements. And some important information for you all!


1. WE BOUGHT A BOX OFFICE. All those weeks of straining over getting your stuff onto the box office system is over, our facilities officer, Nathan, has been working really hard, to get us: a new system, a printer, tickets, a table and all the rest. To try and make the Annex Theatre look that little bit more professional. For more information on this, email, we will also be putting online information about how to get your show onto the performing arts box office. (This will feature in the How To’s, see below)


2. HOW TO’s. Started last year, the Creative Industries are collaborating in creating a giant how to guide. This will hopefully give you all the information you need on how to get involved, and how to do certain things you need to know for your society. This should hopefully come up soon, and should make your lives that little bit easier.


3. FUNDING IS OPEN! For all of you who are members of performing arts societies committees, get applying. As we will be allocating money soon.


4. As of September the PERFORMING ARTS STAMP CARD. These will be given out in Freshers events, to encourage freshers to come to Performing Arts shows. The idea is that you get your 5th PA show free. One catch, you must attend at least one show from a different area of the performing arts. They cannot all be from one section! Each show has the right to turn down free entrance, or restrict the nights you can claim your free entrance on, so please contact the show team before attending.


5. The WEBSITE IS IN THE PROCESS OF AN UPDATE. OOOooOOOoo. So check out the beautiful faces of your new committee on there, and the addition of our new dance societies onto the website!!!!!


6. MUSIC HAS TWITTER, so please check them out and follow them @susupamusic


7. BUNFIGHT DESIGNING. PA committee are very thankful to JOE BUCKINGHAM who is giving his time to help us design some exciting things for Bunfight. We have our welcome meetings/taster session flyer like last year, and we are also designing a semester one show booklet- EXCITING!




Hope you are all having a lovely summer, lots of rest and recuperation ready to start the year in September. I am going to be away for two weeks on Holiday, do not hesitate to contact another member of committee, or email me at if its important. 

Look forward to another PA update, coming from another member of my committee next week!


Performing Arts Officer
Performing Arts Committee 2014/15


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Hello Everyone,


Hopefully you have all seen our announcement earlier this week on Facebook:


“It is with great sadness that Performing Arts have to announce that Phantom of the Opera can no longer be our Nuffield show 2015. Due to earlier show dates than anticipated; we can no longer obtain rights for the show as another local theatre group has already obtained the rights for the dates we require. Sadly there is no way that Performing Arts committee, the production tea or the Nuffield could have foreseen this problem and therefore accounted for it earlier. However we are excited to be able to open pitches for a new show. More information will come soon, so keep a look out.”

Therefore we are calling all teams who are interested to pitch their show for our slot. Committee understand it’s a shortened time and we are fully backing the project we take on, we will help with fundraising and anything else needed.


  • Nuffield show is going to be the week beginning the 9th Feb 2015
  • Pitches can be emailed from now to
  • Pitches will close Midnight 14th August
  • 16th August: Pitches Questions and discussion. Decision made by Performing Arts committee.



In normal pitch fashion, we need a written pitch from each team including a budget. We would like you to address how you are going to deal with the short time between pitches and performance week. And we will ask for proof that you have checked the rights are currently available for the week of the 9th February. Due to it being the summer holidays we cannot hold a traditional spoken pitch meeting therefore we ask that you state what times you are available to be contactable via email on the 16th August. This also means we need as much information as possible in your written pitches. (Preliminary budgets accepted). If you have never written a pitch before/do not know what is expected feel free to email and i will explain further what we need from you.



On the 14th at midnight all pitches will of been received and will be available to all performing arts members to read and submit questions to Committee shall read them as well. We will collate questions to be asked. On the 16th August we will email out these questions at an agreed time, stating specific time we need a reply by. There will be 2 rounds of questions, then committee will make a decision as to which show to take. For example: 10am first questions emailed, reply by mid-day. 2nd round emailed at 2pm, reply by 4pm. Any questions about this system, or any problems with the 16th please email and i will be able to work something out. We understand that due to it being summer individuals availability will be varied, and we will work with you to make sure you can pitch your show.


OVERALL: Any show that you are interested in performing on a professional stage, with a bigger budget, bigger audience and a generally fabulous location. We are up for a challenge; so do not let the short time put you of putting on your dream show!


Any questions please let us know.


Thank you all, we look forward to your pitches! And GOOD LUCK!




Performing Arts Officer

Performing Arts Committee 2014/15


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In true ‘sabb-like’ fashion I have decided to do my last ever blog to highlight all the marvellous things that we have been up to this year. It has been such a fantastic honour to be the Performing Arts Officer 2013/14 and alongside a truly incredible committee we are very proud and grateful for having had this opportunity to have made a difference within the PA.

So below are the top 30 buzzfeed style things we have done this year. Roughly, 20 of these points were part of the ‘PA Plan’, the remainder are bigger projects that have cropped up over the year that we all felt passionately about.


1)      Performing Arts Achievement Awards

2)      Better Winchester connections – We helped to set up a Creative Industries bunfight at the Winchester campus and encouraged a new way of looking at encouraging their involvement with the PA.

3)     Increase the PA brand – the continued encouragement of purple president t-shirts in order to expand the brand across all societies and unify the PA

4)      PA Hub Pack – Continuing work on the Performing Arts specification for any developments with SUSU and the possibility of a new dedicated PA space

5)      Better discounts on the PA card – This year we introduced the 10% discount at SUSU bars and coffee shops. We also introduced a discount at the Mayflower theatre for workshops.

6)      Up to date Marketing Pack – Alongside a marketing training session we will also be giving out an extensive pack to help to market performances and societies.

7)      PA noticeboards – This year we have a Music and a Dance notice board and are working on the re-vamping the Theatrical noticeboard

8)      Better, more consistent relationship with CMT – we have started to work more closely with CMT and SUSU to help to change the processes

9)      Connections with venues outside SUSU – we have better relationships with the Nuffield, Mayflower and Turner Sims than ever before

10)   Develop the How To’s – these are the online handbooks for any situation within the SUSU and we are working with many members of PA to develop such How To’s as How To Produce a Show

11)   Creative Industries Careers Season – much like the Performing Arts Achievement Awards this project was extremely close to my heart and I am very proud of its success and I hope this project continues to grow and develop

12)   Develop website and Student Groups Hub

13)   Gone Rogue review – Earlier this year we decided to refocus the aims and objectives of the committee and decide to disband it in reflection of the needs of the students who perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

14)   Better relationships with media departments – We have a better relationship with how reviews, previews and advertising is arranged between the PA and the Media Departments.

15)   Process of better audience analytics

16)   New Box Office system – we are extremely excited to announce a new Box Office system. More information to come soon

17)   Better understanding and control of the Underwritten System – with new developments with our relationship with SUSU we now have the ability to give the profits of underwritten shows back to our members by the end of the year

18)   Performing Arts Committee Meet and Greet

19)   Performing Arts Presidents Thank You Event

20)   PA House inventory – this is an ongoing project to develop a booking system for props and costumes to make it easier to keep on track of what is available and where the items are in the PA House

21)   Public Budgets on the PA website

22)   Better deals and more focus on Non-Performing Performing Arts members – another final potential venture of this committee is introducing a Performing Arts Loyalty Stamp Card. Whilst this is still in the process it could be an incredible way to help engage more non-performing performing arts members.

23)   Performing Arts Shed

24)   Books, scripts, music sheets etc in Hartley Library – another ongoing project that should help ease the funding demands for basic performing essentials

25)   Allocating more funding than ever before

26)   More storage options for more PA societies – as well as the Performing Arts Shed we have allowed more space for other Performing Arts societies to utilise the PA House for storage

27)   Three more Performing Arts societies – we have affiliated 3 new dance societies this year

28)   Better bunfight – the introduction of the PA in the Cube

29)   Bigger, better and more turn out than ever before for the Performing Arts Ball

30)   Better focus on the careers of Performing Arts members – the initial catalyst for the Creative Industries Careers Season and the developing connections with alumni to grow a database of support for careers outside of university in the Performing Arts.


This year has been the best year of my whole life. It has been a real honour and a year of some incredible moments. I just want to Thank absolutely everybody who has helped me this year. David Martin and David Gilani, despite knowing I have annoyed you constantly and despite not being sorry, I will thank you for everything this year.
To all the amazing people I have met and irritated in SUSU this year, to all the other student leaders who have watched me jump up and down and shout and scream still I get my way ;) and to everyone else who has even had to deal with me once this year.

But most importantly to every Performing Arts member and to the Performing Arts Committee, thank you! I hope that every member of PA is half as proud as I am for all your achievements and endless amounts of talent. But to the Performing Arts Committee, whom we all know I would be NOwhere without! You have been absolute superstars.

To end I just wanted allow the three people on Performing Arts Committee who represent the societies you are all part of to have their thank you’s heard. These guys aren’t your presidents, they’re not directly involved in your committee but they have the job of making sure that you have a voice and I really hope that you are as proud and as grateful to them as I am.


Anna Kent-Muller (Theatrical Representative 2013/14):

I have had one of the greatest years in my life in this role. I may not have been able to support the theatrical societies as much as I had wished due to ill health, but every single president and member of theatrical committees have been outstanding this year. Without each and everyone one of them being so understanding and patient this year, we would not have the success and growth we have had this year. The theatrical societies consistently put on outstanding, award winning shows, and they make this role a pleasure and an honour to have. I couldn’t have done this role without the support and passion of each president, member of society, PA committee member and especially Laura. Being part of Performing Arts committee this year, being involved in the magical changes and decisions that happen has given me the best year of my life so far, counteracting all my health issues. I wish Jed all the best in this role, I cannot wait to work with you next year.


Isobel Craven (Music Representative 2013/14):

Being music rep for the past year has been an invaluable experience. I have been given such a wonderful opportunity to help 15 incredible societies with their running and met hundreds of talented people along the way. This year, I along with the presidents have worked hard to come together as a musical body within the PA to become more inclusive and cooperative. I feel that the music societies as a whole have become more involved in university life and have been given many opportumities to showcase themselves throughout the year. Each concert i attended made me feel massively proud of the societies and all the PA members. I couldn’t have done it without the ongoing support from the committee which i hugely appreciate. I wish Richard, the new presidents and the societies all the best for the year ahead. Thankyou to everyone who i worked with this year, you have all been wonderful. I’m going to miss this job xx


Sammi Gardiner (Dance Representative 2013/14):

Being dance rep on the PA committee has been the best experience of my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with performing arts and SUSUPA Dance and receiving 2 EVAs from my 3 years at university just topped it all off! I want to thank so many people; every single SUSUPA dancer for being so dedicated and committed to dance, my pure dance committee for being absolutely awesome and sticking by me when I have crazy ideas like using confetti, all the SUSUPA dance presidents for running our amazing dance societies, all the committee members for dedicating all your time to help your presidents, all the PA committee members for giving me the best year yet and Laura Ellis for being an absolute rock, being there whenever I needed her and being a genuine friend. I wish Nikki the best of luck with next year and I hope you have as much fun as I did with this role :) I’m outttaaaaa here!!!

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This time next week we will all be PAballin’ but those of you who have been awaiting the shortlist for the awards, the wait is over.


Remember, there is still a change to get a non-dining ticket for the event. All the details are here.


So we are delighted to congratulate the following, in alphabetical order:


Best Performer:

Catherine Underhill
Jeremy McCabe
Joel Jackson
Matthew Scarterfield
Sam Dobson


Most Committed to the Society:

Emily Barnes
James Locke-Scobie
Lucy Kent
Nikki Larcombe
Vikram Palli


Beyond Expectation:


Abigail Ross Smith
Lucy Kent
Nikki Larcombe
Sammi Gardner
Tab Kimpton


Truly Inspirational Society:


Circus Society
Comedy Society


Dared to be Different for Music:


Jeremy Hunt
Jamie Hanna
Sam Dando
Thomas Joy
Tobias Terhoeven


Dared to be Different for Dance:


Abigail Ross Smith
Catherine Underhill
Nikki Larcombe
Sammi Gardiner
Sarah Hemming


Dared to be Different for Theatrical:


Amy Whitington
Dom Latarche
Jed Marshall
Lucy Kent
Sam Dobson

Congratulations to all of you. We look forward to seeing you all next week.