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Hello Everyone,


Hopefully you have all seen our announcement earlier this week on Facebook:


“It is with great sadness that Performing Arts have to announce that Phantom of the Opera can no longer be our Nuffield show 2015. Due to earlier show dates than anticipated; we can no longer obtain rights for the show as another local theatre group has already obtained the rights for the dates we require. Sadly there is no way that Performing Arts committee, the production tea or the Nuffield could have foreseen this problem and therefore accounted for it earlier. However we are excited to be able to open pitches for a new show. More information will come soon, so keep a look out.”

Therefore we are calling all teams who are interested to pitch their show for our slot. Committee understand it’s a shortened time and we are fully backing the project we take on, we will help with fundraising and anything else needed.


  • Nuffield show is going to be the week beginning the 9th Feb 2015
  • Pitches can be emailed from now to
  • Pitches will close Midnight 14th August
  • 16th August: Pitches Questions and discussion. Decision made by Performing Arts committee.



In normal pitch fashion, we need a written pitch from each team including a budget. We would like you to address how you are going to deal with the short time between pitches and performance week. And we will ask for proof that you have checked the rights are currently available for the week of the 9th February. Due to it being the summer holidays we cannot hold a traditional spoken pitch meeting therefore we ask that you state what times you are available to be contactable via email on the 16th August. This also means we need as much information as possible in your written pitches. (Preliminary budgets accepted). If you have never written a pitch before/do not know what is expected feel free to email and i will explain further what we need from you.



On the 14th at midnight all pitches will of been received and will be available to all performing arts members to read and submit questions to Committee shall read them as well. We will collate questions to be asked. On the 16th August we will email out these questions at an agreed time, stating specific time we need a reply by. There will be 2 rounds of questions, then committee will make a decision as to which show to take. For example: 10am first questions emailed, reply by mid-day. 2nd round emailed at 2pm, reply by 4pm. Any questions about this system, or any problems with the 16th please email and i will be able to work something out. We understand that due to it being summer individuals availability will be varied, and we will work with you to make sure you can pitch your show.


OVERALL: Any show that you are interested in performing on a professional stage, with a bigger budget, bigger audience and a generally fabulous location. We are up for a challenge; so do not let the short time put you of putting on your dream show!


Any questions please let us know.


Thank you all, we look forward to your pitches! And GOOD LUCK!




Performing Arts Officer

Performing Arts Committee 2014/15


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In true ‘sabb-like’ fashion I have decided to do my last ever blog to highlight all the marvellous things that we have been up to this year. It has been such a fantastic honour to be the Performing Arts Officer 2013/14 and alongside a truly incredible committee we are very proud and grateful for having had this opportunity to have made a difference within the PA.

So below are the top 30 buzzfeed style things we have done this year. Roughly, 20 of these points were part of the ‘PA Plan’, the remainder are bigger projects that have cropped up over the year that we all felt passionately about.


1)      Performing Arts Achievement Awards

2)      Better Winchester connections – We helped to set up a Creative Industries bunfight at the Winchester campus and encouraged a new way of looking at encouraging their involvement with the PA.

3)     Increase the PA brand – the continued encouragement of purple president t-shirts in order to expand the brand across all societies and unify the PA

4)      PA Hub Pack – Continuing work on the Performing Arts specification for any developments with SUSU and the possibility of a new dedicated PA space

5)      Better discounts on the PA card – This year we introduced the 10% discount at SUSU bars and coffee shops. We also introduced a discount at the Mayflower theatre for workshops.

6)      Up to date Marketing Pack – Alongside a marketing training session we will also be giving out an extensive pack to help to market performances and societies.

7)      PA noticeboards – This year we have a Music and a Dance notice board and are working on the re-vamping the Theatrical noticeboard

8)      Better, more consistent relationship with CMT – we have started to work more closely with CMT and SUSU to help to change the processes

9)      Connections with venues outside SUSU – we have better relationships with the Nuffield, Mayflower and Turner Sims than ever before

10)   Develop the How To’s – these are the online handbooks for any situation within the SUSU and we are working with many members of PA to develop such How To’s as How To Produce a Show

11)   Creative Industries Careers Season – much like the Performing Arts Achievement Awards this project was extremely close to my heart and I am very proud of its success and I hope this project continues to grow and develop

12)   Develop website and Student Groups Hub

13)   Gone Rogue review – Earlier this year we decided to refocus the aims and objectives of the committee and decide to disband it in reflection of the needs of the students who perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

14)   Better relationships with media departments – We have a better relationship with how reviews, previews and advertising is arranged between the PA and the Media Departments.

15)   Process of better audience analytics

16)   New Box Office system – we are extremely excited to announce a new Box Office system. More information to come soon

17)   Better understanding and control of the Underwritten System – with new developments with our relationship with SUSU we now have the ability to give the profits of underwritten shows back to our members by the end of the year

18)   Performing Arts Committee Meet and Greet

19)   Performing Arts Presidents Thank You Event

20)   PA House inventory – this is an ongoing project to develop a booking system for props and costumes to make it easier to keep on track of what is available and where the items are in the PA House

21)   Public Budgets on the PA website

22)   Better deals and more focus on Non-Performing Performing Arts members – another final potential venture of this committee is introducing a Performing Arts Loyalty Stamp Card. Whilst this is still in the process it could be an incredible way to help engage more non-performing performing arts members.

23)   Performing Arts Shed

24)   Books, scripts, music sheets etc in Hartley Library – another ongoing project that should help ease the funding demands for basic performing essentials

25)   Allocating more funding than ever before

26)   More storage options for more PA societies – as well as the Performing Arts Shed we have allowed more space for other Performing Arts societies to utilise the PA House for storage

27)   Three more Performing Arts societies – we have affiliated 3 new dance societies this year

28)   Better bunfight – the introduction of the PA in the Cube

29)   Bigger, better and more turn out than ever before for the Performing Arts Ball

30)   Better focus on the careers of Performing Arts members – the initial catalyst for the Creative Industries Careers Season and the developing connections with alumni to grow a database of support for careers outside of university in the Performing Arts.


This year has been the best year of my whole life. It has been a real honour and a year of some incredible moments. I just want to Thank absolutely everybody who has helped me this year. David Martin and David Gilani, despite knowing I have annoyed you constantly and despite not being sorry, I will thank you for everything this year.
To all the amazing people I have met and irritated in SUSU this year, to all the other student leaders who have watched me jump up and down and shout and scream still I get my way ;) and to everyone else who has even had to deal with me once this year.

But most importantly to every Performing Arts member and to the Performing Arts Committee, thank you! I hope that every member of PA is half as proud as I am for all your achievements and endless amounts of talent. But to the Performing Arts Committee, whom we all know I would be NOwhere without! You have been absolute superstars.

To end I just wanted allow the three people on Performing Arts Committee who represent the societies you are all part of to have their thank you’s heard. These guys aren’t your presidents, they’re not directly involved in your committee but they have the job of making sure that you have a voice and I really hope that you are as proud and as grateful to them as I am.


Anna Kent-Muller (Theatrical Representative 2013/14):

I have had one of the greatest years in my life in this role. I may not have been able to support the theatrical societies as much as I had wished due to ill health, but every single president and member of theatrical committees have been outstanding this year. Without each and everyone one of them being so understanding and patient this year, we would not have the success and growth we have had this year. The theatrical societies consistently put on outstanding, award winning shows, and they make this role a pleasure and an honour to have. I couldn’t have done this role without the support and passion of each president, member of society, PA committee member and especially Laura. Being part of Performing Arts committee this year, being involved in the magical changes and decisions that happen has given me the best year of my life so far, counteracting all my health issues. I wish Jed all the best in this role, I cannot wait to work with you next year.


Isobel Craven (Music Representative 2013/14):

Being music rep for the past year has been an invaluable experience. I have been given such a wonderful opportunity to help 15 incredible societies with their running and met hundreds of talented people along the way. This year, I along with the presidents have worked hard to come together as a musical body within the PA to become more inclusive and cooperative. I feel that the music societies as a whole have become more involved in university life and have been given many opportumities to showcase themselves throughout the year. Each concert i attended made me feel massively proud of the societies and all the PA members. I couldn’t have done it without the ongoing support from the committee which i hugely appreciate. I wish Richard, the new presidents and the societies all the best for the year ahead. Thankyou to everyone who i worked with this year, you have all been wonderful. I’m going to miss this job xx


Sammi Gardiner (Dance Representative 2013/14):

Being dance rep on the PA committee has been the best experience of my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with performing arts and SUSUPA Dance and receiving 2 EVAs from my 3 years at university just topped it all off! I want to thank so many people; every single SUSUPA dancer for being so dedicated and committed to dance, my pure dance committee for being absolutely awesome and sticking by me when I have crazy ideas like using confetti, all the SUSUPA dance presidents for running our amazing dance societies, all the committee members for dedicating all your time to help your presidents, all the PA committee members for giving me the best year yet and Laura Ellis for being an absolute rock, being there whenever I needed her and being a genuine friend. I wish Nikki the best of luck with next year and I hope you have as much fun as I did with this role :) I’m outttaaaaa here!!!

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This time next week we will all be PAballin’ but those of you who have been awaiting the shortlist for the awards, the wait is over.


Remember, there is still a change to get a non-dining ticket for the event. All the details are here.


So we are delighted to congratulate the following, in alphabetical order:


Best Performer:

Catherine Underhill
Jeremy McCabe
Joel Jackson
Matthew Scarterfield
Sam Dobson


Most Committed to the Society:

Emily Barnes
James Locke-Scobie
Lucy Kent
Nikki Larcombe
Vikram Palli


Beyond Expectation:


Abigail Ross Smith
Lucy Kent
Nikki Larcombe
Sammi Gardner
Tab Kimpton


Truly Inspirational Society:


Circus Society
Comedy Society


Dared to be Different for Music:


Jeremy Hunt
Jamie Hanna
Sam Dando
Thomas Joy
Tobias Terhoeven


Dared to be Different for Dance:


Abigail Ross Smith
Catherine Underhill
Nikki Larcombe
Sammi Gardiner
Sarah Hemming


Dared to be Different for Theatrical:


Amy Whitington
Dom Latarche
Jed Marshall
Lucy Kent
Sam Dobson

Congratulations to all of you. We look forward to seeing you all next week.

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It’s been a great year for our Creative Industries groups – our Careers Season saw over 200 attendees, both Surge and SUSUtv have won national awards, Pure Dance raised over £1,000 for charity, and The Edge and Wessex Scene have reached more people than ever before and there have been many other successes since July.

As with any successful year, it is only right to congratulate those who have put in so much time and effort to improve their teams and the people around them. Here’s a few of the events coming up that will be a great chance to celebrate the achievements of the year!

PA Summer Ball 14cut

PA Ball

While the PA Ball has already sold out and there are over 250 attendees, the awards and shortlist are still yet to be announced and with many nominations across 33 societies, there is a lot to look forward to, even if you can’t attend. On May 4th at the Grand Harbour Hotel, hundreds of you will be celebrating the successes of the year with a three course meal, entertainment and photography. It’s set to be a good evening!

Media Ball

Media Ball postercutThe second ever Media Ball returns! The four media departments have organised an excellent masquerade ball at La Margherita on May 1st with a three-course meal and entertainment for just £19.95! Nominations for 10 different categories of awards are open now, so make sure you put in a good word for those individuals who have contributed so much to such a successful year!

EVA Tickets

The Excellence in Volunteering Awards are designed to recognise the many varieties of volunteering that take place within the Students’ Union and Media, Performing Arts and Union Films are all cornerstones of the fantastic achievements that take place here to give everyone such a great experience. With plenty of nominations out there for Creative Industries groups, for just £15 you get food and a drink upon arrival as well as the chance to listen to some inspiring groups and individuals win awards!

There’s still over three months left in the year, and I’m sure there are more achievements just waiting to happen!

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Creative Industries Careers Season - textonly

A few weeks ago, we held the Creative Industries Careers Season - the first event of its kind dedicated to those of you wanting to explore a career in media, the arts, design or Performing Arts and the response was fantastic!

Over 200 of you engaged with the series of events that we ran over the two weeks, including a highly impressive turnout at our Publishing Panel, a fully subscribed Screenwriting Master Class, while over 70 people turned up to the separate Surge Awards with 18 highly-deserving winners.

The sessions were all run by various experts in the field and the season attracted senior members of the Nuffield Theatre, Turner Sims & John Hansard Gallery, editors and literature agents at national organisations, and alumni from our media departments now working in the industry. Hopefully we succeeded in our aims of providing an enjoyable and enlightening experience but also providing you with the skills to get jobs in the future. Who knows, you might be speaking at an event next year! Let us know how this year went here.

Tying in nicely with this has been work by ourselves and the University in developing a new Arts Strategy. Part of this has included developing a greater understanding with students to encourage more involvement in the arts. We’ve developed a survey which will really help develop more student-focused approaches. Please fill this and continue get involved in the highly exciting Creative Industries!


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We are pleased to announce the list of nominees for the Performing Arts Achievement Awards

Congratulations to all the nominees! After the Easter Holidays we will be announcing the shortlist for each award, so stay tuned!

Abigail Ross-Smith
Aimee Bachelor
Aiofe Thomas
Amy Wallington
Amy Whitington
Anita Thompson
Aoife Thomas
Baby Suso
Belly Dance
Ben Wright
Catherine Underhill
Celia Maud Jackson
Christian Mintchev
Circus Society
Claire Essex
Clare Gentry
Comedy Soc
Concert Band
Contemporary Dance Society
Dan Barr
Daniel Laverick
Dom Latarche
Elisa Stefaniak
Emily Barnes
Emma Blundell and Tricia Mann
Emma Waddell
Fergus O’Neill
Gareth Ward
Harriet Cooke
Harriet Fielding
Harriet Jones
Ian Wainwright
James Forster
James Locke-Scobie
Jamie Hanna
Jamie Harris
Jamie Hemmingway
Jason Taylor
Jed Marshall
Jenny Summerfield
Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy McCabe
Joe Buckingham
Joe Hart
Joe Nurse
Joe Nurse and Evie
Joel Jackson
Jon North
Joseph Hand
Josh Chan
Josh Collier-Keywood
Joshua McDonald
Kate Rawlings
Katie Passey
Katya Henson
Leo Darlington
Liv Chant (Olivia)
Louis and Aggie
Lucy Kent
Mark DWade Lee
Matthew Scarterfield
Michael Cheung
Nicola Knight
Nikki Larcombe
Oliver Clark-Darby
Paola Kuhn
Peter Bridgewood
Poppy Gill
Richard Fisher
Robin Johnson
Robynn Fryer
Rosie Bowen
Sally White
Sam Dando
Sam Dobson
Sammi Gardiner
Samuel Williams
Sarah Hemming
Sarah Taylor
Sev Keoshgerian
Street Dance
Symphonic wind orchestra
Tab Kimpton
Tap Society
Tara Urquhart
Theatre Group
Thomas Joy
Tobias Hasler-Winter
Tobias Terhoeven
Trini Philip
Vikram Palli
Yvonne Zanker

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Hi guys! Me again…

Just to keep you all in the loop we have a few dates for your diaries.

1. Performing Arts Summer Ball – 4th May
That’s right! It’s back and better than ever!


Not only have we reduced the price, now only £37 with one of those PA Cards, we are also transport to the venue, a heart 3 course meal, a welcome drink, half a bottle of wine per person and photographers!
It is going to be an amazing night and we can guarantee that tickets are going to sell out fast!

Tickets go on sale soon but hit attending on the facebook event here to keep up to date.


2. Performing Arts Achievement Awards Nominations – Closing date 26th March

In case you hadn’t heard.. but you probably have by now, this year we’re holding the performing arts achievement awards. All the information you need is here.
To nominate someone all you have to do is fill out this simple form that will take you minutes!


3. Performing Arts AGM – 7th May

Goodness! Hasn’t this year gone SOOO quickly? Is it REALLY that time of year again?
Yep.. I’m afraid it is!
Whilst the current Performing Arts Committee members run from 1st July 2013- 1st July 2014, we have to advertise for our positions in May.
Just ask any one of us, we don’t want to go!!
However, we must and this is where YOU come in!

We have made a lot of changes this year and the Performing Arts is always growing and changing at a rapid pace and if YOU think that you could help to run one of the most fun,lively and dramatic group of students in the whole world then the Performing Arts Committee is for you.

We will be releasing a list of all the roles and all the information as soon as elections are over and we’ve all returned back to reality but save the date guys and gals!


4. President and Vice-President Thank You – 19th March

Something that has been important to the committee this year is to make sure we say thank you to each other. We all know that being in any Performing Arts society can often be a BIG commitment! Even more so is taking it upon yourself to RUN a society. It can be a huge decision and can often come at the expense of other time consuming hobbies. And so, this year the Performing Arts Committee are holding a Thank You event for all president and vice-presidents. A chance for everyone to get together again, one last time before your AGM’s, or just afterwards, and be rewarded and praised for all the incredible things you have been up to this year.

The time and venue are yet to be confirmed but we hope to make it an evening to remember.


5. New Committee Meet and Greet – 14th May 6pm



After the Performing Arts AGM we want to take the opportunity to gather all the new committees -yes all 32 committee’s- in the same room to meet each other! One thing we’ve heard over and over again this year is that people would have loved the opportunity to meet other presidents, treasurers, tours officers, secretaries etc from the other societies. Swap notes, stories and knowledge.
This will also be the perfect opportunity to meet and engage with the new Performing Arts Officer and their committee before their term starts.
This is still being confirmed in terms of date, time, venue etc but make sure your new committees keep an eye out for it!


6. Nuffield Pitches – Written Pitches midnight 28th April. – Verbal Pitches 8th May



For those of you who do not know, the Nuffield theatre is our local theatre on campus and every year a Performing Arts society can pitch to have a show slot in there. This process starts with a written pitch submission and then later a verbal pitch to the committee. Simple.

It is such a fantastic opportunity for any society to get the use of a real theatre. This year we are looking for big, flashy shows so go CRAZY!

There will be more details coming soon but if you have any questions for the mean time please to not hesitate to email myself at or our finance officer, Ian, at


7. Alumni Launch Event – tbc



And lastly, we will be holding an alumni event to launch our new alumni network (fancy name for a facebook page). This network will mean that even after you leave Southampton University and the Performing Arts you can always stay in touch and keep up to dates with any events, performances or competitions that your friends may still be in. It’s also a great chance to show off where you are in the world and how far you have come.

Late in the summer term we want to hold a mini party in SUSU, welcoming back our old friends.

All the details are yet to be finalised but keep your ear out for some news and then spread the word to anyone who you have missed in your life since their graduation. Then you never know, maybe we could get together and see how much of that dance, song or performance you all remember.


Thanks for reading.
Good Luck to all those running in the elections and don’t forget to vote.
Also don’t forget to vote for a Performing Arts Officer. This is probably the most important vote of the elections for you guys as it is who will represent you all next year!

Lots of PA love,



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We are excited to present to you the Performing Arts Achievement Awards 2013-14.

The Performing Arts Achievement Awards shall celebrate the achievement that already occurs within the PA, celebrating individual and society success that goes above and beyond the norm.

There will be 7 awards, each one to celebrate a different aspect of Performing Arts members’ dedication and creativity.

1. Best Performer.

2. Most Committed to the Society.

3. Beyond Expectation.

4. Truly Inspirational Society Award.

5. Dared to be Different for Dance.

6. Dared to be Different for Theatrical.

7. Dared to be Different for Music.


Each award shall be voted on, through a Google doc format. Any member of the Performing Arts will be allowed to vote. Differing from other awards we are keeping nominations open for longer, to allow you to document special moments, and achievements of individuals and societies continuously throughout the year. Anyone can be nominated from any show between May 2013 (the last Performing Arts Ball) and May 2014 (this years Performing Arts Ball).


Each nomination placed will require a description of why the individual or society deserves the award.


Come summer (date to be confirmed) the Performing Arts Committee will shortlist the nominees. Then a panel including Laura (Performing Arts Officer), Lucy Dowdall (Athletics Union Officer), David Martin (Vice President of Democracy and Creative Industries) and Charlotte Cloud (Student Activities ‘Creative Industries’ staff member) will read through these nominations and select the winners. These awards will then be presented at the Performing Arts Summer Ball.


To nominate someone all you have to do is fill out this form: The Performing Arts Achievement Awards Nominations 

Good Luck!

Laura Ellis
Performing Arts Officer
Performing Arts Committee 2013/14

w:               e:

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Hello everyone!

It’s 2014, a new year and even more to look forward to! But have we been up to already this academic year I hear you ask?
Well we have been a busy bunch! Here are the top ten things that we as a committee have been working towards:

I hope you will all agree that moving the PA bunfight to THE CUBE was a roaring success! With more sign ups and more interest than ever before. And thanks to our lovely Aoife for organising a fantastic run of performances throughout the day. Thank you to all those who performed created such an incredible and unique atmosphere that so many congratulated us on. And a big thank you to Sammi and the SUSUPA dancers involved in the first ever SUSUPA flashmob!

We have spent a long time organising the new Performing Arts Achievement Awards. There will be a lot more information about this to come after exams but we have up to all sorts including acquiring sponsorship and organising budgets.

We’ve been working alongside career destinations and the University to help set up a Performing Arts Alumni Network and working with Aoife to organise an Alumni event

Establishing better connections with Winchester Campus. I have been working with the Creative Industries Committee to organise a Creative Industries bunfight in Winchester Campus which will aim to engage and better support their performance needs and desires.

One of our long term projects is progressing towards a better Box Office system for the Performing Arts Members in order to sell tickets from anywhere on campus

Establishing a better relationships with CMT and working with Claire Gilbert and David Martin in order to create a better system for CMT as a whole (for example the eradication of ‘request@cmt’)

Developing and improving the Performing Arts How To Guides on the SUSU and PA website

The reassessment of Gone Rouge as a sub-committee of Performing Arts Committee and the conclusion to disband the Gone Rouge committee altogether

Creating a Performing Arts Booklet of upcoming shows and events and looking for places for this to be advertised (for example Winchester, Mayflower, SUSU, Nuffield and Turner Sims)

We are continuing to lobby for better deals for being part of the Performing Arts, be that performing or not. Such deals include 10% off drinks at Stags and Bridge on Thursday and Friday evenings, discounts for Mayflower workshops, discounts on Nuffield tickets and discount on all our Performing Arts Shows.

Now, on top of all this we have also been working on our own projects:


  • Campaigning for better Performing Arts representation in light of the new zone changes
  • Meeting with new staff and organising opportunities for all members, such as festivals and competitions
  • Creating new links, and subsequently, laying the foundations for the new Creative Industries Careers Season
  • Working alongside Nathan, David Martin, David Gilani and Jacki Booth in order to access the Performing Arts storage currently and how it can be improved
  • Assisting SUSU with the Master Plan in order to incorporate a new theatre space, rehearsal space, storage and better access
  • Working with Ryo Tabusa to help to ensure that all performing arts dvd’s are completed and given out
  • Developing a better relationship with Nuffield, both for students as audience members and as hirers
  • Trying to be more inclusive of the non-performing performing arts members, for example having a Performing Arts Card as part of the Arts Pass that the university offers, advertising the Performing Arts Card to non-PA members and encouraging the increase in SUSU insurance to include all Students performing


  • Working alongside all the reps in important meetings about funding, accessing the applications and suggesting where allocation should be given.
  • Working to support individuals and any situations within the theatrical bracket.
  • Collecting information for the creative industries how to guides
  • Helping to sort out the issue of rights within the theatrical societies
  • My main project for this year, and is still currently in progress is to “sort out” our room bookings. This is including emailing people, meeting people and generally getting feedback on how room bookings for the Performing arts is working, and therefore discovering many way of improving it.


  • Attended/ushered the majority of around 20 concerts put on by the musical societies for the first term
  • Helped to sort out funding for societies
  • Held meetings that have ironed out small issues
  • Advertised concerts and rehearsals for societies
  • Initiated a plan for better cooperation between societies
  • Gathered facilities improvement feedback and passed it on to the head of music



  • New MPS Sound system
  • SUSUPA Dance notice board
  • SUSUPA Dance in the RAG naked calendar
  • SUSUPA Dance competition dates finalised
  • 500 dancers expected to attend SUSUPA Dance competition in 2014
  • Helped to organise Pure Dance 2014 with finalising dates and fundraising (£218 at Halloween social, £990 at Christmas social and £666 pure dance show fees raised)
  • 71 SUSUPA dancers going to BUCKS competition
  • 75 SUSUPA dancers going to LOUGHBOROUGH competition



  • Having a bigger and better bunfight in terms of tech and engagement
  • Technical training for PA (including Health and Safety, First Aid and PAT training),
  •  Encouraging a better understanding of tech possibilities of within the pa / outside
  • Working towards a higher standard of tech through focus on reducing the demand on StageSoc members and focusing on the society as a whole.


  • Buying and building the Performing Arts Shed in order to expand the storage capacity at the Performing Arts House
  • Continuing to engage with external venues for PA members to use (for example Winchester Discovery Centre)
  • Re-organising and creating an inventory of props etc in the House
  • Helping to facilitate the loaning of PA props to big charity events such as Help for Heroes


  • Despite being new to the committee, helping with funding for all three areas of PA
  • Assisting in the budgets for the PA awards


  • Continuing to maintain and develop the PA and Annex website including making them more user friendly and easier to access
  • Designing the new Performing Arts Brochure


  • Organising the marketing of the PA as a whole and expanding the PA branding
  • Organising meetings with CMT and media societies in order to document how to utilise
  • Running the PA radio show
  • Liaising with societies and organising marketing training


  • Organised a Winter Warmer
  • Managing the lead up to the PA Ball with the added integration of the awards
  • Working with Laura to set up an Alumni Event.



I hope you have had a lovely Christmas Break and are looking forward to last half of the year.
Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and more exciting things to come.


Lots of PA love,







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As seen by the new Zones structure that we have, for the first time we’ve combined Media, Performing Arts and a whole host of other activities that are categorised as creative industries into one grouping. The benefit of this Creative Industries Zone has been the creation of bigger and better collaborative projects.


One of these has been working with the university to developing a Creative Industries Careers Season. This will be beneficial for those that want to pursue a career in areas including the arts, media, design and film, or those that want to promote their skills in a more broad context.


The proposed time frame for this is throughout March 2014. We’re already planning a host of activities such as:

  • Panels with experts throughout the sector
  • How to work as a freelancer in the industry
  • A 48 hour film-making event
  • Professional workshop sessions to increase skills

But we want to hear more about what you want! Let us know what would be beneficial for your current role and what skills you want to learn as you go into an increasingly competitive field.

You can fill in the survey below which will help tailor our sessions!